Set It Off

The Four Inner-City Women

My first impression was “Gangsta flick with chicks.” And, to some extent, that’s what I got. But there was a lot more, and I was deeply impressed with the realism, with one exception. The exception comes near the end and I won’t give it away, but it involves police officers taking shots at a suspect with a bus full of people in the background.

Vivica A. Fox (“Frankie”) got fired from her bank because the bank robber was an associate of hers.

The movie can be found Here! Amazon Video

How to Interview Celebrities

7 Tips to How Reach Celebrities

I find this information very helpful because one of my goals is to interview a celebrity and catch one within a year, (2018). I am curious about them and would like to ask a lot of fun questions. Nothing personal. You may watch  “Entertainment Tonight” on your local station and the interviewer is asking the stars personal questions. That is not who I want to be. Here is a video that is very helpful below, also an article… Click Here for 7 Strategies by: Carol Tice



The movies that we just looked at were all shot on celluloid film. It’s only very recently that digital camera systems have started to reach the level where they can emulate the look of film – though that debate is still open among the purists. But to this filmmaker, digital acquisition represents freedom the likes of which has never been seen before. So let’s start out by asking how do digital camera capture color?   Filmmaker IQ